Trade Associations

A list of the UK’s classic motoring and vehicle associations

Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs

FBHVC exists to maintain our freedom to use Yesterday’s Vehicles on Tomorrow’s Roads

FBHVC encourages the preservation and promotion of all types of vehicle through legislation, research, skills preservation and events, the most nationally widespread of which is Drive-it Day.


World-wide organisation looking after the interests of owners of Historic Vehicles

Protecting, Preserving, Promoting world motoring heritage and related culture

British Army Motorsports Assn

Giving serving members of the Army the opportunity to participate in Motorsport

Co-ordinating motorised wheeled driver training in the Army in the form of competitive motorsport events

Motorsport UK

National membership organisation and governing body for four-wheel motorsport in the UK

Undertakes Route Authorisations in England and Wales on behalf of Dept of Transport

Specialist Vehicle Trade Association

Worldwide trade body for Rare, Collectible & Classic Car businesses

Free to register, the SVA works to support all automotive businesses and expand their digital footprint