World’s Largest Gathering of Bentleys

1,321 Bentleys gather at Salon Privé to set new record

More than a thousand modern and heritage Bentleys have set a new record for the largest gathering of Bentleys in history. 1,321 cars arrived at the Bentley Drivers Club Annual Rally, hosted this year at the Salon Privé Concours d’Elégance, together forming a stunning photograph to continue Bentley’s year-long centenary celebrations.

“The sight of over a thousand Bentleys gathered in one place was truly extraordinary, and totally unparalleled in our history. I’m grateful to the organisers of Salon Privé for making this year’s event such an outstanding celebration of Bentley, and this gathering to mark our centenary was the ultimate finale. My thanks go to the committee of the Bentley Drivers Club for their hard work and dedication in amassing these cars, and to their members and our customers for making the journey and sharing their cars with us.”

Bentley’s Chairman and Chief Executive, Adrian Hallmark

Dragonfly produced 1,050 individually numbered rally plates consisting of 4 colour ways, red, blue, green and gold – the gathering was such a success that the event actually ran out of plates for all those that turned up on the day.