Nazir Hoosein Memorial Drive

Indian Army Adventure team is an all female crew retracing the route of the 1981 Himalayan Rally

The Nazir Hoosein Memorial Drive is a non-competition event. It is a tribute to a legend, Nazir Hoosein who put India firmly on the map of International Motorsports. There is a huge community of ex-participants, volunteers and officials of The Himalayan Rally, not forgetting the fans who remember with fondness their involvement in the Himalayan Rally from 1980 to 1990. This is a tribute to the participants, officials and the volunteers of the 11 Himalayan Rallies.

The event is organised by Team Firefox, who have 20 Himalayan rallies between them and endorsed by IARC – the founding club of Nazir Hoosein.

You can read all the detail about this rally here.

We produced metal embossed Rally Plates for this event which can be seen below on the vehicles which took part in the rally.