We raised £15,000 for NHS Charities Together

Through the sales of our Stay Home Rally Plates

We ran our campaign to raise much needed funds for NHS Charities Together Covid-19 appeal from April through till July. In this time we raised an amazing £15,000 for the charity through the sales of our Stay Home Rally Plates and we couldn’t have done it without the support from club members, car enthusiasts as well as those who just wanted to be part of the campaign to ‘Stay Home’ and raise money.

NHS Charities Together directly support NHS staff both paid and voluntary as well as those recovering from Covid-19 and their families. The type of support they provide includes:

  • Tablets to keep loved ones connected to those with covid 19
  • Meals and welfare packs for nhs staff
  • Essentials such as kettles, microwaves, radios for nhs staff on longer shifts
  • Listening programmes – to support mental health amongst nhs workers
  • “Wobble rooms” – spaces for nhs staff and volunteers to have a safe haven to take some time out
  • “Wellbeing pods” – places where power naps can be taken during long shifts
  • Accommodation for those nhs workers staying away from their families
  • Toiletries and other essentials
  • Donations to hospices, community healthcare and social care, making sure patients who leave hospital have access to the care they need to recover.

We had so many supporting messages as well as hundreds of photographs sent to us of cars displaying their Stay Home Rally Plates – the gallery can be viewed here. 

As well as running our own Stay Home Rally – we also provided the Classics for Carers Rally Plates and Stickers throughout May and June, donating profits for these events, which raised just shy of £6k.