Drive-it-Day Rally Plates

Official Supplier To The FBHVC Annual Event

Federation of British Historic Vehicle ClubsDragonfly are proud to be an official supplier to the annual Drive-it-Day event organised by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs. An incredible celebration of the UK’s car and vehicle clubs, Drive-it-Day sees historic vehicles taking part in a series of events across the country. To mark the occasion, highlight participation and provide a wonderful memento of the event, Dragonfly are honoured to supply high quality Rally Plates for the event. Show your support. Purchase your Drive-it-Day Rally Plate today.

The FBHVC exists to uphold the freedom to use historic vehicles on the road and it does this by representing the interests of owners of such vehicles to politicians, government officials, and legislators.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: FBHVC have confirmed that Drive it Day 2020 will continue to be celebrated on Sunday 26th April. For further information please read their News Release 

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